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Makes A Meal

Makes A Meal

Incorporating a total of 9 individually branded microsites within one interface, this site was a challenge in the form of fully session-driven content modifiers. Maintaining an all "Above The Fold" design, this site contains mutiple sections that adapt automatically to allow scrolling within discrete areas while making sure that all page content was still within the top 650 pixels of the page. This site mixes ASP and PHP as needed to allow the IIS-based speed of ASP with the PDF rendering abilities of PHP on the same platform. Initially designed to be AJAX heavy, several sections still rely on AJAX while the majority of the site has that functionality disabled at the moment to allow greater use of the standard browser back button.

In addition to this site, the company corporate site ,, was also designed. any of the same styling has been maintaines, while the actual engine was designed differently to meet the specific needs of that site. represents a huge undertaking as related to graphics and brand identity. Throughout the various flash and HTML elements, we have strove to present a uniform, recognizable style, while ensiring that it would still be completely recognizable to anyone only familiar with the original branding. From the cutting edge actionscript to the detailed graphic icons and images, to the quick store locator functionality, this site has been designed to capture and captivate web surfers.

Saddlewood Homes is structurally a very simple site, easy to update, supports fully dynamic image galleries, a exceedingly clean interface, and a lot of custom photography work to capture the true appeal of these residences.

The Sound And Fury website represents the very best in flash integration. With all video components initially being done in Adobe AfferEffects, we still managed to create a site that loaded in a reasonable amount of time and was able to gather information as well as submit it via AJAX.